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.c. including buoy and clinton and fairfax, six to ten inches and up towards the north. frederick around the six-inch mark and haserstown and three to six inch mark. you're not going to see the most of this. the biggest areas will be down to the south. wood bridge, waldorf, hunting town, you could see six to ten inches and some a foot, maybe more as far as that is concerned, maybe upwards of 12 to 14isms if it gets going and we could see thundersnow out of this. this is a dynamic system that will continue to move in across the region. the winter storm impact, six to ten inches, high impact. we got that at 60%. 10 to 12 for some of you and 20% chance of that and 20% chance the numbers could come down but holding firm at the six to ten inch mark. across the area, 28 for a temperature tomorrow. temperatures will fall rapidly into the teens by 3:00, 4:00. this is cold air. most of you will be near zero early tuesday morning with a high of 27. 36 on wednesday. we start to break out of it a bit wednesday and another chance of rain, possible big storm here as temperatures move into the 50s. right now t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1